Self Service Dog Wash

Wash your Mucky Puppy in our baths & Towel dry with our towels


£12 for 30 minutes then £2.50 for every additional 15 minutes

We have two baths, one is for smaller dogs and an electric height adjustable bath for larger dogs or elderly dogs who do not want to be lifted and they can walk in.

We have hand held showers that allow you to control the water  temperature  so your pet is always comfortable. There are a  selection of dog friendly shampoos which our groomers will happily mix and supply for you 

We also supply disposable aprons for you so you don’t get too wet!

When you finish washing you dog we will give you a towel to rub them down.  You can also make use of our combs and brushes to give a good comb and brush out. 

If you want your dogs nails cut or ears cleaned while there please ask our groomers and for an additional fee  they will do this for you