• I think my dog may have fleas, can I still get my dog groomed?

Yes, we can bath your dog straight away with a strong flea shampoo that will kill the fleas.

  • My 4 month old puppy has never been groomed, can I book him in?

Yes. We always suggest bringing your puppy in to meet us and get used to the surroundings. This gives us a chance to see their temperament and to discuss what we can offer. We will never persevere with a groom if it is causing too much distress for your puppy, or if we feel they are not ready for the experience. We have some puppies that have a full groom on their first time and some that only have a tidy up/ as much as they allow. Pricing will depend on how much can be achieved during the groom and will be discussed prior to the groom.

  • I think my dog may bite you, can you groom him safely?

Please always tell us if you believe your dog may bite. We will always give them the benefit of the doubt, however, if they do show aggression towards us, we can safely muzzle them to protect them and us!

  • I am really nervous about having my dog groomed, can I stay to watch?

The dogs usually behave better once the owner has left, so we encourage the owners to leave during the groom. However, if you feel really uncomfortable leaving your dog with us, you can stay until you are happy to leave.


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